Starving Artists


S T A R V I N G   A R T I S T S… 

Oh, this saying. It’s funny because the only time I can relate to this is when I neglect my passion and purpose. When I feel I’m being held back from what I was truly created to do. So what if I struggle a little? So what if I don’t have it all together? At least I’m going after what truly matters to me. I am a firm believer that we weren’t created to simply work and die. To clock in and out, craving for the illusion of satisfaction over the weekend, JUST to go back to the place I DREAD every Monday morning. What a life..

Starvation, in my opinion, is doing the complete opposite of your life’s calling.  Starvation is hungering after the fantasy that you dreamt, but failed to pursue. Starvation is ignoring the constant pressing on your heart, and feeling in your gut, allowing the voices of doubt to overtake your ability to create. That’s what society proposes. BYE GIRL. As artist, this is who we are. This is our lively-hood. This is how we remain sane. This is why we are here. To bring color to a black and white world. We don’t have to be politically correct. We don’t have to make sense. That’s what makes us so beautiful. And whoever questions why we do the things we do, find yourself some business. We are #unapologeticallyUS. WE. ARE. ARTIST.

Do you, fam.

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