Calling All Christians…

Okay, so I know someone is going to be LIVID once they finish this article but it has to be said. Lately, I feel like God has had “Christians” of today on my heart. Some Christians now are very much similar to the hypocrites that Jesus used to go-in on in the Bible. Some of us are so wrong, but claim to be right. We are hurting people in the name of Jesus. We’re breaking people down instead of building them up with scriptures. We’re praying against people instead for people. We create cliques with “Mother Susie and them” and talk for hours about Sarah for not showing up to church. We make these assumptions in our minds that because someone doesn’t fit the mold, they are not truly born again. Because they won’t bend to the TRADITIONS, they are rebellious and need deliverance.

This is the thing about it. We could save many more people if we stopped analyzing them so much. If we stop moving on our own mark and spoke when God instructed us to, we’d be able to lead more people to Christ. We get caught up in religion and blind our own selves from the damage that we cause. Before I dedicated my life to God, I was hurt in the church originally. Broken down by the people who forgot that they were once where I was. Lost and trying to grab ahold of something true. This was one of the reasons that I looked to the world for guidance instead of God and His word.

How about we try loving those that haven’t found the truth yet? Instead of judging, putting yourself in their shoes and helping them walk down the path of righteousness. Think back to when you didn’t know what you know now. What you needed then was love. You needed someone to hear you out and try to understand you for who you were and where you were in your life at that point. Have you tried praying for the person? Or are you talking about them? Have you tried reaching out and checking on them? Or are you assuming that they are just a lost cause? Are you really doing your part as a leader in Christ? Or is it just a title that someone gave you?

Think about this the next time you open your mouth about someone’s life. Oh, and while you’re there having so much to say, make sure you check for those skeletons in your closet. I’m not exempt. I have some cleaning to do as well. We’re placed here to help one another. To remind each other that this is not our home and we have a mission to complete. So let’s finish together and strong to hear our Father say, “Well done”!

One God. One body. One love. God bless.



One thought on “Calling All Christians…

  1. I pray that all of God’s children will move by the unction of the Holy Ghost. Tradition and Religion kills. God never called us to Religion.

    Hug a sister today. Hug a brother today. Enjoyed the message


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