God is Good Because…

So, I complain a lot. It’s true. Tragic really. Sometime’s I’m just like, “Ok, is it this serious?”  But then I feel like I’ve gone too far. Like I have literally hit the place of no return. In the middle of one of my recent bratty moments, I wondered, “Is there a way to prevent myself from getting to this place? Or will I continue to wander in the wilderness of doubt, bitterness, and shame?”

BUT, I don’t want to dwell on me because IT’S ALL ABOUT GOD,


I’m still here. Thinking back on all of the things I’ve gotten myself into, God has been faithful. To the parents out there. Imagine your child. Think back to the protection, direction, connection, and attention it took to keep them covered. Now picture God. Our Heavenly Father. And us. His children that He guides. That He chastises. That He forgives. That He comforts. That He blesses. That He shelters. That He protects. That He . well .. HeL O V E S

God is good because He just is. That’s His nature. He is everything and more to the believer that chooses life over death. To the unbeliever wanting to have faith in something. To the woman who thinks she’s not good enough. To the man who can’t release himself from spiritual bondage. To the child who feels alone. HE IS GOOD.

I can go on and on about the Lord. But family, try Him for yourself. Be blessed.

   Psalm 34:8

     “Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.”

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